Funari Dog Couture of NYFW

Funari New York made a return to the runway on September 9, 2022 at NYFW. The runway was full of color; unique texture patterns and prints; but most importantly, DOGS! The collection was shown at the iconic Sony Hall theatre reminiscent of the glorious Gatsby days with gold flecks shining on the ceiling reflecting each outfit revealed on the runway that night.  Each model was  accompanied by an extravagant pup, dressed in matching couture apparel, showcasing Spring/ Summer 2023 collection. 

The collection featured all the must-have FUNARI looks including the Kaftan, palazzo pants, jackets, tunic tops, suiting jacket, pencil dress and their signature sportswear pieces for traveling.The line was colorful, comfortable and extremely elegant. The show set the tone for NYFW and raised the bar for Eco fashion for canine couture. In fact, it was the first Eco-Sustainable canine couture fashion from NYC. 

Photos by Noel Valero

This Fall, we sat down with Janelle Funari, the designer of Funari and Maxine NYC, to discuss her latest dog couture collection that was featured on the runway of NYFW, and on Time Square!

What inspired this collection?

I was inspired by the Elizabethan and Regency time period where dresses were well made and woman were sexy and voluptuous ! I watched Bridgerton and loved it so much and felt like it had a big influence on me. I wanted to create a  line that would feel like a love story and encompass that luxurious yet effortless feel in my brand; to allow woman to feel royalty beautiful and glamorous!  I wanted to empower women to feel good about themselves, no matter what shape they are.

Was this your first time at NYFW?

My first time was back in 2013 at NYFW at the Affinia Hotel, but back then they only allowed one dog per show. So, my dog, Maxine, walked the runway 3 times. 

We saw that your collection was featured on TimeSquare! How did that feel?

It felt magical and so exciting to be on a digital billboard! I loved how the images were so vivid! My first billboard was large paper billboard on 47th street and it’s went up during pandemic which was terrible time to go up! This board was symbolic and positive energy was high so we felt like it was a day to show NYC and the world we are back and dreams come true!

Watch the full video of Funari Show at NYFW 2022 here.